3 Ways To Prepare For an Upcoming Home Inspection

If you have found a buyer for your home, the idea of a home inspector assessing the property before your closing day can bring about feelings of confusion and anxiety. What exactly does a home inspection mean for the sale of your home? How should you and your family prepare for the inspector’s arrival? And finally, should you be worried that the inspector will find a major concern that will cause the buyer to reconsider purchasing your property?

What To Do Before Home Inspection Day Arrives

Though it’s normal to feel a bit anxious before inspection day, try not to worry! If the inspection reveals issues with the home, you may have to negotiate a few repairs before the buyer moves in. It’s rare that the inspector will find a problem large enough to warrant reconsideration on the buyer’s part.

If you have lived in your home for a while, any major problems — think termite infestations, water damage, or extensive mold issues — would have likely caused problems in your daily life before now. In other words, if the inspection reveals the need for surprise repairs, they will likely be minor. Here are three ways in which you can prepare for your upcoming home inspection in Mooresville NC, Matthews NC, Concord NC and many other locations.

1. Clean Your House

Make sure to keep a clean home that is free of clutter before you welcome any inspectors. Messy rooms — such as ones that feature dozens of small toys or piles of dirty laundry on the floor — do not affect your inspection results, but the visual chaos certainly makes it more difficult for the inspector to do his or her job in a timely manner.

2. Fix What You Can

If you know of minor issues that the home inspector will encounter, take your time to fix them before the inspection day. Replacing burnt-out lightbulbs, making sure toilets are functioning properly, and fixing broken hinges will ensure a smooth inspection process as your inspector will not have to waste time pointing out minor fixes that you can perform by yourself.

Additionally, if you are aware of time-sensitive issues such as a large wasp nest in the attic or a broken pipe in the basement, don’t try to hide them! The inspector will notice. Be upfront about any home issues that you know of. No house is perfect, and it’s common to negotiate fixes with the buyer before closing.

3. Keep the Utilities On

This point will not affect those who live in their homes on the day of the inspection — but what if you’ve already moved out? Make sure to keep your utilities, such as the heat or air conditioning, gas, and electricity, activated so that the inspector is able to mark these as functioning properly.

Try to be ready for the inspector at least two hours before he or she arrives. This will ensure the absence of last-minute panic, and you will be able to present your home in great condition. Contact EDM Home Inspections today if you have any further questions or to schedule your inspection with us today!

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